August 2011 Archived Dairy News


August 31, 2011
Gov Brown Proposed Alternative to Farmworker Union Bill

CA: New state record for farm cash receipts

Dairy farm and UWO team up on energy project
Hearings in works for dairy case

Gillibrand to visit GLOW region
August 30, 2011
IDFA Refutes Assertion by NMPF on Dairy Policy

National Dairy Producers Organization Press Release

NY Farmers Assessing Irene Damage

Grass Fuels Organic Dairy

Midwest Dairy Council Kicks Off Back to School
August 29, 2011
DairyProfit Extra

Seymour Dairy Expansion

Needed: Dairy legislation not rhetoric

Dairy experts weigh in on Leprino Foods plant in Weld County

NMPF/NDB/UDIA meeting scheduled

Milk Producers Council update

Western United Dairymen update

Modesto dairy group receives $1 million grant
August 26, 2011

Update on Federal Antitrust Lawsuits Involving Dairy Companies 

Cheese Price Takes a 'Wedgie'

Northeast processors express concerns about FFTF

NMPF: FFTF won’t hinder exports

Water, margins impact farmland values
August 25, 2011
Dairy Farmers Lawsuit Takes Surprising Turn

Congressional Rookies Pose Threat to Farm Programs

Approval of dairy’s PA 116 applications still in limbo

Farmworkers March to Sacramento

New Princess Kay

Contest offers VIP treatment at dairy farm

Is Australia's Organic Dairy Industry Better at Weathering the Storm?
August 24, 2011
CDFA announces California 4a/4b price formula changes

The Ethanol Decade: An Expansion of U.S. Corn Production, 2000-09

With profits tight, Connecticut dairy farmers look to Congress

2011 World Dairy Expo Preview

Dairy cow workshop offered

August 23, 2011
U.S. dairy farmers are in 'a pretty big hole'

Congressman Cardoza Announces $1,150,000 in Agriculture Grants to Help Dairies

CWT Assists with 1.8 million pounds of cheese export sales

PDPW World Class Webinars

PDPW Cow Management Workshop

Dairy industry seeks some relief

Greek Yogurt Sales Rise in U.S. Dairy Aisles

Take care of cows during the dry period

Meet the 2011 World Dairy Expo Judges

NY State Fair 2011 schedule
August 22, 2011

July Cold Storage Report

Judge: Dean can vacate $140 million settlement

High feed costs cancel gains

Milk Producers Council Friday Update

Cropp: August Dairy Situation and Outlook

USDA researchers: Corn in Idaho’s potato country

Elite Dairy Genomics, LLC, based in DOWNERS GROVE, IL, raises $580,000

Foundation for the Future concluding grassroots tour

Baxter Black: On the edge of common sense

New Product Watch: AGCO Sunflower 1700 Series Offset Disc Harrow
August 19, 2011

September Federal Order Class I Up 35 Cents

Dairymen confront processors

Congress looks for ways to help farmers

U.S. Milk Output Rises in July as Herd Gains...

Wisconsin State Milk Production Drops Again
U.S. July Consumer Price Index Report
Milk tops water for rehydration

WV: Dairy show a big hit at fair
August 18, 2011
August USDA dairy outlook

NMPF: FFTF DMSP would not have been triggered in 2010 or 2011

Feed prices not at trigger level for proposed new dairy program

University researcher to collect 1 million stink bugs for project

Beef and dairy heifer lameness

Corn dogs, a dairy show ... and Barack Obama?

Dairy cow competition at Humboldt County Fair; The cows have it licked

It’s your money: Will your dairy continue, if you don’t?
August 17, 2011
Near trend-line corn yields needed to meet USDA projected production

Guest Editorial: Arden Tewksbury, Manager, Pro-Ag

Antibiotic use in food and animals: A dialogue for a common purpose

HolsteinWorld Productions to host collegiate Dairy Video Contest
August 16, 2011
Corn forecast: No room for increased consumption

It's all global now

Dean seeks to vacate ‘SE Milk’ settlement

Foster Farms Shutting Fresno Milk Plant

Investment firm to buy SE Wisconsin Dean plant

CDFA Secretary to hold Calif. Farm Bill Listening 

Why worry about heifer mastitis?

Two classes added to All-American Contests

Immigration Audits Drive Illegal Work Underground
August 15, 2011
Farmers offer input on new dairy plans

Texas Agriculture Could See Record Losses

OpenGate to Acquire WI Dairy-Processing Business from Dean Foods

Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture visits Bradford County

WI: No injuries in dairy factory dust explosion
August 12, 2011

Crop Production and WASDE Reports Released

NMPF Welcomes Addition of Cosponsor Simpson for  Dairy Policy Package

More groups join fray over reform

FFTF: Archived articles, op-eds

Texas-size heat wave 

USDA adjusts CRP rules in drought areas

SEP Class III Sell Off
- Daily Dairy Report
Milk marketing doesn’t have to be all or nothing

Grove Dairy Products Receives MASBDA Value-Added Grant

A Cow-Side Investigation Into High SCC & Deteriorating Parlor Performance

August 11, 2011
USDA reports contain a mixed bag for dairy

Rabobank: Global markets best opportunity for California dairy

Organizations respond to USDA’s proposed Animal Disease Traceability

Farm groups fear GPS interference from proposed broadband network

Solar milking system: Lakeside Dairy betting on sunshine sustainability

NCBA & AFBF: DOT walks away from ag transportation regulation proposal

World Ag Expo 2012 Searches for "Top 10" Product Entries

World Dairy Expo ‘Forage Superbowl’ entry deadline nears

Herd health: Evolution of new mastitis tools

Human Resources: Labor’s role critical for newborn calf program

PRO-DAIRY Extra: Anaerobic digestion – The Big PIcture
August 10, 2011

California Class 1 Prices Keep Climbing

USDA Seeks Comments on the Proposed Rule for Animal Disease Traceability

USDA proposes animal disease traceability rule
  new proposal
Dairy Revenue vs. Milk Price Volatility

Two remaining stops for FFTF Grassroots Tour

Genske: Dairy reforms are coming – Producers hold key to their futures

Vandenheuvel: FFTF -- A New Way of Looking at a Dairy ‘Safety Net’

Support for NMPF dairy policy hard to score

Research: Different compound feeds for dairy cattle

Let's do this right!
August 9, 2011
Dairy plant will resume production soon

Product Insights: Dairy in the US

Milk Producers Council update

August 8, 2011
Dairy Policy Forum to Focus on FFTF Proposal and Immigration Reform
Dairy co-op settles over misrepresentations in Vermont

Western United Dairymen weekly update

Ruan and dairy farmer launch methane-powered truck project

Baker's Golden Dairy: From cow to consumer in one stop

Moons named third "Whitey" McKown Master Breeder Award Winner

August 5, 2011

July Federal Order Class III Price Up $2.28

More dairy groups oppose dairy policy plan
   CDI letter
Rawesome Foods operator pleads not guilty

Dean Foods Reports 2nd Quarter Loss
August 5, 2011

July Federal Order Class III Price Up $2.28

More dairy groups oppose dairy policy plan
   CDI letter
Rawesome Foods operator pleads not guilty

Dean Foods Reports 2nd Quarter Loss
August 4, 2011
Study: U.S. ‘on right track’ for dairy exports

Family Farm Defenders Announce Support for Milk Marketing Act of 2011

Pro-Ag: Diligence on trade; action on dairy

SE antitrust lawsuit developments

Kozak: Dairy producers reject status quo, support offering budget savings

Vermont Cabot settles lawsuit over hormone-free cheese claim
Twin Falls Dairy Operator Sentenced for Environmental Violation

Market Removes Brunton Dairy Products After Bacteria Scare

Three arrested in raw milk charges

New Zealand: Dairy prices close to bottom of curve

IL: 4-H members participate in dairy cattle show

NY: Dairy princess to visit farmers market

Showing dairy 'a lot of fun' for kids in Cass County Fair
August 3, 2011
Dairy reform necessary, U.S. ag chief says

MN and WI dairy producers weigh-in on dairy reform legislation

Fonterra dairy product prices fall 1.3%

Aug. 10 meeting in Salina to focus on milk pricing proposal

Larger dairies on top for milk quality - study says

Storm leaves path of destruction

California's 4a Price Dips 4b Highest Since June 2007

August 2, 2011

June Dairy Products Report

Court okays Dean settlement in SE Wisconsin

Farmers Oppose G.O.P. Bill on Immigration

Risk Management Agency Online

Grain Markets Lower
August 1, 2011

All Milk Price Estimate is Highest Ever

Dairy farmers worry that proposed E-Verify law will kill industry

Udderly Hot: NY Dairy Cows Stressed By Heat, Can't Make Milk

Dairy Checkoff Update - July 2011

Family Dairies USA Awards Scholarships

Milk Producers Council update

NY Heat wave takes toll on cows

Heat putting cows in low gear

'Foundation' dairy proposal becomes focus of debate

Agro Farma to Expand in NY

Cheesemakers Return To Swanton Plant

Update on Federal Antitrust Lawsuits Involving Dairy Companies 
 (August 26, 2011) One of the topics we haven't touched on for a while has been in the news a lot lately and that covers federal antitrust lawsuits involving dairy companies and cooperatives. What's been happening – in and out of the courts?  

Dairy Profit Weekly’s Dave Natzke updated us on Friday’s DairyLine:  

One of the points of emphasis of the Obama Administration was targeting antitrust activities, and the largest U.S. milk processor, Dean Foods, and largest dairy cooperative, Dairy Farmers of America, were squarely in their sites.  

Three lawsuits alleging antitrust activities by Dean Foods were underway at the same time, and are in various stages of being resolved.  

In a class-action lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court of Vermont on behalf of dairy farmers in 11 states, Dean reached a $30 million settlement. The deadline for dairy farmers to submit claims and gain a portion of that settlement – after $6 million in attorney costs – was Aug. 23.  

In a case filed in a Wisconsin U.S. District Court, one provision of an out-of-court settlement called for Dean to sell a fluid milk processing plant in Waukesha, Wis. Dean purchased the plant from dairy cooperative Foremost Farms, in 2009. In an announcement earlier this month, OpenGate Capital, a a global private equity firm, signed a definitive agreement to acquire the Dean’s plant and related assets, including the Golden Guernsey® brand name.  

Resolution of another class-action lawsuit, filed in the Eastern District of Tennessee, remains less clear. Dean originally agreed to a $140 million settlement with dairy farmers in the Southeastern region of the United States. After that settlement was announced however, members of Dairy Farmers of America, who make up well over one-third of the dairy farmers in that part of the country, were exempted as members of the "class,” because DFA is a co-defendant in the lawsuit. As a result, Dean vacated the settlement, and is considering other options. A trial date has been set for Sept. 13.

It's important to mention, that in all three cases, Dean has admitted NO wrongdoing.

July Cold Storage Report
(August 22, 2011) July
butter stocks totaled 187.7 million pounds, down 2.6 million pounds or 1 percent from June, and 5.8 million pounds or 3 percent below July 2010, according to preliminary data in the Agriculture Department’s latest Cold Storage report issued Monday afternoon. 


The July American cheese inventory, at 648.6 million pounds, was up 30.9 million pounds or 5 percent from June, and 9.1 million pounds or 1 percent above a year ago. 


Total natural cheese stocks amounted to 1.085 billion pounds, up 3 percent from July and 1 percent above a year ago. 

July Milk Production Up 0.8 Percent
(August 18, 2011) Milk production in the 23 major States during July totaled 15.4 billion pounds, up 0.8 percent from July 2010. June
revised production at 15.4 billion pounds, was up 1.3 percent from June 2010. The June revision represented a decrease of 5 million pounds or 0.1 percent from last month's preliminary production estimate.

Production per cow in the 23 major States averaged 1,824 pounds for July, 5 pounds below July 2010.

The number of milk cows on farms in the 23 major States was 8.47 million head, 93,000 head more than July 2010, and 8,000 head more than June 2011.

State by State

Milk Cows 
Change from 
July 2010

Output Per Cow 
Change from
July 2010

Milk Production
Change from
July  2010



+15 lbs.




+20 lbs.




-35 lbs. 




+50 lbs




+50 lbs. 




-35 lbs.




-35 lbs.




-50  lbs. 




+5 lbs.




-75 lbs.




-115 lbs.




-50 lbs.


New Mexico


+10 lbs.


New York






-80 lbs. 




+40 lbs.




-50 lbs.




+60 lbs.




-20 lbs. 




+50 lbs.    




-65 lbs. 




+35 lbs.




-65 lbs.


23 State Total


-5 lbs.


September Federal Order Class I Up 35 Cents
Courtesy the Mielke Market Weekly

The September Federal order Class I base price was announced by USDA this morning at $21.78 per hundredweight, up 35 cents from August, $6.28 above September 2010, the highest since September 2007, and equates to about $1.87 per gallon. The 2011 average now stands at $19.23, up from $14.83 a year ago and $10.95 in 2009.


The NASS-surveyed butter price averaged $2.0852 per pound, up 5.6 cents from August. Nonfat dry milk averaged $1.5804, down 7.7 cents. Cheese averaged $2.1529, up 2.2 cents, and dry whey averaged 56.39 cents, up 1.7 cents.

Advanced Pricing Factors

Sept  2011 Aug 2011 July 2011
Class I Base  $21.78/cwt. $21.43/cwt. $21.03/cwt

*Base Skim Milk Class I: 

$14.16/cwt. $14.05/cwt. $13.17/cwt.

Class III skim:

$14.16/cwt. $14.05/cwt. $10.10/cwt.

Class IV skim:

$12.59/cwt. $13.27/cwt. $13.17/cwt.


$2.3175//lb. $2.2496/lb. $2.3770//lb.

Class II Skim price:

$13.29/cwt. $13.97/cwt. $13.87/cwt.

Class II NFS price:

$1.4767/lb. $1.5522/lb. $1.5411/lb.

2-week Product Price Averages:


Sept.  2011 July 2011 June  2011


$2.0852/lb. $2.1343/lb. $2.0460/lb.


$1.5804/lb. $1.6462/lb. $1.6065/lb.


$2.1529/lb. $1.7934/lb. $1.6413/lb.

Dry Whey

$0.5639/lb $0.5201/lb $0.4915/lb

Guest Editorial: Arden Tewksbury, Manager, Pro-Ag

by Arden Tewksbury, Manager, Pro-Ag


For years, some of us have been pounding away for the need of a raw milk pricing formula that would cover the dairy farmers cost of production.

I can remember back in the 1970's and early 80's when the former Eastern Milk Producers Dairy Co-op urged such a formula plus a reasonable supply management program.

At that time, Eastern witnessed the same type of opposition that we are today. Some people say you can't have a cost of production formula because every dairy farmers' cost of production is different. Some say you can't have it because no other agriculture commodity has such a formula. Others continue to say; I want to produce all the milk I want to, as long as someone will buy all my milk.

Dairy farmers, if you continue to believe and support the above-mentioned reasons for not having a cost of production formula, than you know what? You will never get one!

Of course milk is a heavy regulated commodity. The fact (as every knows) that milk is a wholesome product, but milk is very perishable and must be handled properly.

The first and most important place to prevent milk from becoming perishable is at the dairy farm!

Dairy farmers across the country have invested countless thousands of dollars to be sure when the raw milk leaves the farm the milk meets the top quality standards that have been established by proper health regulators.

This is all great, but you know what? Someone forgot to tell the dairy farmers they should be rewarded with a price that covers their cost of production.

Well Mr. and Ms. Dairy Farmer, let me tell you something-there is a proposal out there that will allow you the opportunity to cover your cost of production.

It's called the Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act of 2011 (FMMIA). The FMMIA calls for your milk to command a price that covers the National Average Cost of Production, plus an opportunity to realize a profit.

The FMMIA does not tell you how much milk you can produce, but it does say the following: If and only if there is over-production of milk, than those who over-produce will be penalized on their amount of over-production. (but just on the amount of over-production).

Please don't buy into the argument that no other agriculture commodity has been priced with some type of a cost consideration.

Please look at some of the grain programs where target prices and deficiency payments that helped keep thousands of grain farmers stabilized.

As one grain farmer told me once from Ohio, "Once I collect my deficiency payments, I take off for Florida for the winter, while you dairy farmers must keep on milking your cows."

Of course every dairy farmer's cost of production is different.

As I said in Syracuse last week, every ones' cost of production is different today. Is anyone crying today because your neighbor and other dairy farmers' costs are higher or lower than yours? I have never heard one farmer complain that other dairy farmers are receiving the same starting price; even with a higher or lower cost of production.

All the FMMIA wants to do is to give all dairy farmers an equal chance to stay in business with an adequate, stable price!

The beauty of the FMMIA is the fact that the proposal is not geared to cost the US government any funds. Oh, by the way, the assessments on over-production (if it happens) will be transferred to the Commodity Credit Corporation and will be used to purchase excess dairy products (if they exist) to be given to needy Americans!

However, Mr. and Ms. Dairy Farmer, do you want to support FMMIA, or do you want to support the proposal that calls for the USDA to purchase insurance to help cover your feed cost, and then ask you if you want to cover other costs, you must buy additional insurance?

The proponents of the insurance programs are now saying they are not aiming for a profit for dairy farmers. Isn't that nice!

So, the decision is yours. Mr./Ms. Dairy Farmer, do you want an adequate price for your raw milk as the FMMIA obtains for you, or do you want the government to buy an insurance program to help cover your cost and then tell you that you must obtain additional insurance to cover your costs.

Remember, do you deserve a profit? The FMMIA will obtain it for you if you continue to manage your farm properly, (as you already are). The choice is very clear, but its up to the dairy farmers.  

Crop Production and WASDE Reports Released
(August 12, 2011) U.S. dairy farmers received mixed news in two key USDA reports yesterday. The Crop Production report updated 2011 corn, soybean and hay prospects, affecting farmers’ feed prices; and the World Ag Supply & Demand Estimates report looked at milk production and price forecasts, affecting dairy farmer income.

On the feed side of the dairy farmer balance sheet, USDA lowered 2011 corn production estimates compared to a month ago. Corn harvest is now forecast at 12.9 billion bushels, up 4% from 2010, but down 4% from last month’s forecast. With the lowered forecast, USDA raised the season-average projected mid-range price for corn to $6.70/bushel.  

The 2011 soybean harvest forecast was downgraded slightly compared to a month ago, to 3.1 billion bushels, down 8% from last year. With smaller supplies, season-average prices were raised 3%-4%, to a projected in a mid-range of about $13.50/bushel for soybeans, and a mid-range of about $370/ton for soybean meal.  

Production of the other major dairy feedstuff, dry alfalfa and other hay, is also lower. Alfalfa hay harvest is forecast down 4% from a year ago; and harvest of other hay is forecast down 14% from last year. For farmers already stressed by record-high hay prices this summer, that isn't good news.  

Turning our attention to milk, USDA reduced its 2011 milk production forecast to 195.6 billion lbs., despite indications of more cows and dairy heifers. Reasons for lower production include the high price of feed, and the hot, humid weather much of the country has felt this summer, hurting milk production per cow.  

Due to tighter milk supplies, USDA raised its 2011 price projections, especially for milk used to make cheese. The 2011 Class III milk price is now forecast at about $18.50/cwt., and the all-milk price is forecast at about $20.40/cwt. Both up more than $4 from a year ago, and $7 from 2009.  

In summary, it looks like improved milk prices will be offset somewhat by higher feed prices, a message we’ve been hearing and saying for quite some time.

Texas-size heat wave 

(August 12, 2011) From Dave Natzke, Dairy Profit Weekly

 If you think it's hot where you are, go to Texas. reported 100° F heat this summer has been relentless, with several cities on pace to shatter all-time records set during the benchmark heat wave of 1980.  

As of Aug. 10, temperatures had hit triple digits in Wichita Falls, Texas, for 50 days straight; the last time the city had a day with a high temperature below 100° F was June 21. Also as of Wednesday, Dallas had 40 consecutive days with a high temperature above 100° F; Waco had 42 straight days.  

Many Texas areas ended their streaks on Aug. 11.  

World Ag Expo 2012 Searches for "Top 10" Product Entries

Tulare, Calif. - World Ag Expo is searching for the newest and most innovative products for World Ag Expo 2012. For the seventh year, a panel of World Ag Expo Top-10 judges will select 10 new products to highlight at the Expo, scheduled for February 14-16, 2012.


Each entry is evaluated by a panel of production agriculturalists (working farmers and ranchers), agricultural professionals and university representatives. The Top-10 are selected and announced at World Ag Expo, and the winning entries are showcased at the New Products Center.


Announced at World Ag Expo's media day, prior to the official opening of the Expo, the Top-10 products are a favorite expo feature for attendees. The exposure gained from the competition has, for some companies, been the springboard needed to successfully launch their product success into the next year.


In 2012, Top-10 winners will again have the chance to win the Attendees' Choice Award. This award honors the Top-10 recipient whose product was viewed as the best product among the Top-10 new products by World Ag Expo attendees and online voters. In 2011, the Attendees' Choice went to Ag Flag.


The expo's strong international focus brings many prospective buyers from around the world to view the Top-10 new products. In addition, large numbers of online visitors view the new products daily at


Companies interested in the competition can download a Top-10 contest application at The deadline for Top-10 applications is August 19, 2011. All entries must come from exhibiting companies who are in good standing.

California Class 1 Prices Keep Climbing
(August 10, 2011) California’s September 2011 Class 1 milk prices are $23.56/cwt. for the North and $23.84/cwt. for the South, up 32 cents and 33 cents respectively from last month's prices. Both are up $6.41 from a year ago.

July Federal Order Class III Price Up $2.28
(August 5, 2011)
The July Federal order Class III benchmark milk price jumped $2.28, to $21.39 per hundredweight (cwt.), according to the Agriculture Department. That’s $7.65 above July 2010, the highest since July 2007, $2.04 above California’s comparable 4b cheese milk price, and equates to about $1.84 per gallon. The 2011 Class III average now stands at $17.68, up from $13.60 at this time a year ago, and compares to just $10.16 in 2009 and $18.24 in 2008.


The August Class III price will likely be the peak for the year at a record $21.45, if Thursday’s CME futures contract is correct. The September contract settled Thursday at $20.16, October settled at $19.27, November $18.47, and December at $17.60. Those prices would result in a 2011 average of $18.39, up from $14.41 in 2010, $11.36 in 2009, and $17.44 in 2008.


The July Class IV price is $20.33, down 72 cents from June, but $4.58 above a year ago.


The 4-week, NASS-surveyed cheese price averaged $2.1243 per pound, up 22.4 cents from June. Butter averaged $2.0304, down 9.8 cents. Nonfat dry milk averaged $1.6159, down 3.6 cents, and dry whey averaged 54.94 cents, up 2.6 cents.  



July 2011 June 2011 May 2011

Class II Milk Price

$21.29 cwt. $21.37 cwt. $20.63 cwt.

Class II Butterfat Price

$2.2581 lb. $2.3772 lb. $2.2567 lb.

Class III Milk Price

$21.39 cwt. $19.11 cwt. $16.52 cwt.

Class III Skim Price

$14.00 cwt. $11.21 cwt. $8.96 cwt.

Class IV Milk Price

$20.33 cwt. $21.05 cwt. $20.29 cwt.

Class IV Skim Milk Price

$12.90 cwt. $13.22 cwt. $12.87 cwt.

Butterfat Price

$2.2511 lb. $2.3702 lb. $2.2497 lb.

Nonfat Solids Price

$1.4336 lb. $1.4694 lb. $1.4298 lb.

Protein Price

$3.8292 lb. $2.9807 lb. $2.3133 lb.

Other Solids Price

$0.3608 lb. $0.3339 lb. $0.3026 lb.

Somatic Cell Adjustment Rate

$0.00106 per 1,000 cells $0.00095 per 1,000 cells $0.00083 per 1,000 cells
PRODUCT PRICE AVERAGES July 2011 June 2011 May 2011
Butter $2.0304 lb. $2.1287 lb.  $2.0292 lb. 
Nonfat Dry Milk $1.6159 lb.  $1.6520 lb. $1.6120 lb.
Cheese $2.1243 lb $1.8999 lb.  $1.6534 lb. 
Dry Whey $0.5494 lb. $0.5233 lb.  $0.4929 lb. 


California's 4a Price Dips 4b Highest Since June 2007
California’s July 2011 Class 4a milk price is $20.07/cwt., down 72¢ from June 2011, but up $4.45 from July 2010. After June 2011, it's the highest 4a price since August 2007.

The July 2011 4b milk price is $19.35/cwt., up 56¢ from June and $5.98 more than July 2010. It's the highest 4b price since June 2007.

Through January-July 2011, California’s Class 4a average price is $19.10/cwt., compared to $13.96/cwt. (+$5.14) for the same period in 2010. 

The 2011 4b average price is $16.20/cwt., compared to $12.44/cwt. (+$3.76) for January-July 2010.

July federal order II, III & IV prices will be announced Aug. 5.

June Dairy Products Report
(August 1, 2011, 2011) The Agriculture Department’s June Dairy Products report puts butter production at 140.7 million pounds, down 14.8 million pounds or 9.5 percent from May, but 23.6 million pounds or 20.1 percent above June 2010.  

Mozzarella cheese output totaled 298 million pounds, down 11.2 million pounds or 3.6 percent from May, but 7.5 million or 2.6 percent above a year ago.


Total Italian type cheese, at 380.8 million pounds, was down 13 million pounds or 3.3 percent from May, but up 16.5 million or 4.5 percent from a year ago.

Cheddar production totaled 270.8 million pounds, was down 12.7 million pounds or 4.5 percent from May, and 15.3 million or 5.4 percent below a year ago.

American type cheese amounted to 364.4 million pounds, down 6.8 million pounds or 1.8 percent from May, and 5.6 million pounds or 1.5 percent below a year ago.

Total cheese output came to 894.1 million pounds, down 21.4 million pounds or 2.3 percent from May, but up 11.5 million pounds or 1.3 percent above a year ago.