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Dairy Girl Network Keeps Growing

October 21, 2014 — Women representing all aspects of the dairy industry now have an opportunity to join the Dairy Girl Network. Expressing values to connect, inspire and achieve, DairyGirlNetworkthe intent of the Dairy Girl Network committee is to develop appealing and applicable programming for both women operators of dairy farms and those involved within dairy related service corporations.

The Dairy Girl Network is collaboration through leadership of Laura Daniels, a dairy farmer from Cobb, Wis. and founding sponsors including Diamond V, DairyBusiness Communications, Elanco and ImmuCell.

“The experience of professional women involved with dairy and women dairy farmers is unique,” stated Daniels. “Our passions, triumphs and challenges are somewhat different than the rest of agriculture, so it makes sense that we need each other as a strong network of help and support.”

As a grassroots initiative in 2013, approximately 45 women involved at World Dairy Expo met for an evening dinner. Daniels organized the venue and extended invitations to other women attending the weeklong show. The response was positive and ideas progressed to officially develop the Dairy Girl Network.

The 2nd annual Dairy Girl Network dinner at the recent World Dairy Expo saw over twice as many attendees. We spoke with Carrie “Dairy Carrie” Mess about why it’s important for women in the dairy industry to get together and network.