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Progress Being Made on Efficiency Traits

April 14, 2014 — Brett Haines with CRV USA stopped by the DairyBusiness broadcast booth to share the latest developments with CRV.

Seasons Change – Prepare for Heat Stress


April 8, 2014 — It is starting to warm up in many parts of the country and you know what that means. Heat stress is a major cause of production losses in the dairy and beef industry. SchaeferJames Kleinke, Schaefer’s VP Agriculture and Horticulture Sales & Marketing joined us on today’s DairyLine Radio program to discuss the impact of heat stress on milk production.



New Product Watch: Once PMH IN – Intranasal Vaccine

April 3, 2014 — Merck Animal Health recently introduced Once PMH® IN, the only intranasal vaccine to deliver dual bacterial pneumonia protection in healthy beef and dairy cattle,

Dr. Tom Shelton from Merck Animal Health visiting with DairyLine's Bill Baker.

Dr. Tom Shelton from Merck Animal Health visiting with DairyLine’s Bill Baker.

including calves as young as 1 week of age. Once PMH® IN aids in the control of respiratory disease caused by Mannheimia haemolytica and in the prevention of disease caused by Pasteurella multocida – the leading causes of early-onset Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD). Dr. Tom Shelton stopped by the DairyBusiness Radio booth to tell us more.


Calif. Forum Addresses Drought Concerns

February 12, 2014 — Tulare, California —  Top City and water agency officials will address California’s historical drought, its anticipated impacts and water supply actions during World Ag Expo’s Water Forum on Thursday, February 13th, from 12:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the International Agri-Center’s Heritage Complex, 4500 South Laspina Street, Tulare, California.

High state and federal water representatives will be participating. Governor Brown and Resources Secretary John Laird have also been invited. The master of ceremonies will be KMPH TV news anchor, Rich Rodriguez

As California faces the worst drought in decades, the Central Valley will once again be ground zero for water supply shortages and economic impacts due to the combination of lack of rain, snow, low reservoir levels, major declines in its groundwater levels and the ongoing shifting of its reliable water supplies to the environment. City officials and farmers will discuss their concerns, challenges and will be asking for help from State and Federal Water Departments through a panel moderated by Mario Santoyo, Executive Director of the California Latino Water Coalition.

The World Ag Expo Water Forum will then bring together high level policy and technical representatives from the state and federal governments as well as key water agencies to discuss and answer questions through a panel moderated by Tim Quinn, executive director, Association of California Water Agencies. A number of elected officials are expected to attend. Time will also be devoted for audience questions.

Every Newborn Calf Needs Immediate Immunity

March 7, 2013 — Born with little body fat and a limited immune system, calves are immediately exposed to environmental challenges. That’s according to calf specialist Bobbi Brockman, ImmuCell’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Listen to her complete podcast here:

North Dakota Continues Dairy Recruitment Mission

February 20, 2013 — Gary Hoffman is with the North Dakota Dairy Commission and joined us on Wednesday’s DairyLine to discuss the long-term commitment of recruiting dairy farmers for North Dakota.

Nevada Looking For Cows

February 19, 2013 — A new whole milk powder plant is currently under construction in Fallon, Nevada. Lynn Hettrick is the Executive Director of the Nevada Dairy Commission and discusses recruitment efforts to get more cows when the plant is up and running.

Is There A Disconnect With Consumers?

February 18, 2013 — California dairy producer Brad Scott shares with us why he needs to get out and tell the his story.

California Dairyman Shares Frustration

February 22, 2013 — Mark Watte is a dairyman in Tulare, California and also past chair of World Ag Expo. We had a chance to speak with him about the current situation in the Golden State.

Ag Warriors Program Helps Veterans Find Jobs

February 14, 2013 — Ag Warriors program prepares returning veterans for careers in the agriculture industry. “We are committed to train and place veterans with both an interest in, and an aptitude for the agriculture industry,” according to their website -

DairyLine had a chance to speak with two young veterans at World Ag Expo this week: