Farm Gate Milk Prices Continue to Rise

October 3, 2012 — The Agriculture Department announced the September Federal  order benchmark Class III price this afternoon at $19.00 per hundredweight  (cwt.), up $1.27 from August, 7 cents below September 2011, $1.50 above  California’s comparable 4b cheese milk price, and equates to about $1.63 per  gallon. 

The 2012 Class III average  now stands at $16.54, down from $18.28 at this time a year ago and compares to  $14.07 in 2010 and a painful $10.49 in 2009.

The September Class IV price  is $17.41, up $1.65 from August but $2.12 below a year ago. 

The AMS-surveyed cheese  price averaged $1.8647 per pound, up 9.7 cents from August. Butter averaged  $1.8269, up 14.1 cents. Nonfat dry milk averaged $1.3768, up 12.3 cents, and dry  whey averaged 58.46 cents, up 4.9 cents from  August.

Courtesy The Mielke Market Weekly

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