February Federal Order Class I Price Drops 76 Cents

January 16, 2013 — The February Federal order Class I base milk price was announced by USDA today at $18.21 per hundredweight (cwt.), down 76 cents from January but $1.18 above February 2012, and equates to about $1.57 per gallon. That put the two-month average at $18.59, up from $17.92 a year ago and $15.55 in 2011.

The two-week, AMS-surveyed butter price averaged $1.5280 per pound, down 8 1/2-cents from January. Nonfat dry milk averaged $1.5603, up 1.6 cents. Cheese averaged $1.7535, down 7.2 cents, and dry whey averaged 65.36 cents, down a half-cent from January.

Courtesty of Mielke Market Weekly

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