Consumers Can Be Assured Dairy Products Are Safe

February 22, 2013 — The Food and Drug Administration released its annual National Milk Drug Residue Database (NMDRD) results for fiscal year 2012, and consumers can be assured the dairy products they buy are safe. DairyBusiness Updates’ Dave Natzke reported on Friday’s DairyLine:

Every year, FDA analyzes results of animal drug residue tests in milk at several steps within the supply chain, starting at the farm, and including samples from trucks delivering milk to processing plants, and in pasteurized, finished dairy products.

Of the nearly 3.8 million milk samples tested for animal drug residues last year, only 828, or fewer than 20 thousandths of 1 percent, tested positive for drug residues anywhere in the supply chain. And, probably especially important to dairy consumers, FDA found no positive animal drug residue tests in pasteurized dairy products.

These results provide assurances dairy farmers and veterinarians are using animal medicines properly and following label directions, and that testing procedures are catching any drug residues before they reach the consumer.

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