California 4b Down 43 Cents

March 1, 2013 — California’s comparable 4b cheese milk price is $15.41 per cwt., down 43 cents from January, $1.99 above a year ago, but $1.84 below the FO Class III price, even with the temporary price boast just approved by CDFA. Its two month average now stands at $15.63, down from $15.85 a year ago and $17.19 in 2011.

The 4a butter-powder price is $18.01, up 93 cents from January and $2.50 above a year ago. Its two month average is $17.55, up from 13.83 in 2912 and compares to $14.71 in 2011.

California’s April Class I prices are scheduled to be announced on Friday, March 8.

Courtesy of Mielke Market Weekly

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