DBA continues their work to oppose the supply management provision

by Jerry Meissner, Dairy Business Assn. President

May 10, 2013 — As a dairy farmer, I know how hard it is to keep up with the headlines, never mind the details of today’s news. But it is critically important that dairy farmers understand the choices that House and Senate Agriculture Committees will face when they take up the Farm Bill this week.

As a dairy farmer, I do not want the government taking more money from my milk check. It’s really that simple for me. But as the executive director of the Dairy Business Association, I have learned and understand the complexities of both the Diary Security Act which includes government-mandated market interventions like supply controls and dairy product purchases, and the Dairy Freedom Act which does not, and I and the DBA are supporting the Dairy Freedom Act.

The Dairy Freedom Act mirrors all of the provisions of the Dairy Security Act, except the supply management provision. Recent reports found that both the Dairy Freedom Act and DSA are “effective in providing catastrophic risk insurance” for stable and growing dairy farms. A key difference between the two proposals, however, is that the Dairy Security Act contains a supply management provision called the dairy market stabilization program (DMSP), while Goodlatte-Scott does not. There is more than enough evidence that the stand-alone insurance program will work and be affordable for us to continue fighting over supply management.

As a dairy farmer, I want a safety net, to protect me and my farm when times are tough. But I do NOT want money taken from my milk check and I do NOT want government interfering in my businesses or in milk markets. Dairy industry growth should not be subject to any impediments. Dairy farmers should be able to produce as much milk as we can, and be allowed to grow along with the industry as a whole.

Let your Senators and Representatives know that you support the Dairy Freedom Act. For more information, go to www.widba.com.

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