California June Class 1 Prices Up

mAY 10, 2013 — California’s June Class 1 milk price is $20.84/cwt. for the North and $21.12/cwt. for the South, up $1.45 and $1.46, respectively, from May. The June 2013 prices are $4.03 and $4.04 more than June 2012, respectively, and they’re the highest since December 2012.

Through the first six months of 2013, Class 1 prices averaged $19.85/cwt. for the North, up from $17.83/cwt. (+$2.02) for the same period a year ago. The South average, at $20.13/cwt., is up from $18.10/cwt. (+$2.03) a year ago.
The federal order June Class I base price will be announced May 22.

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