California Class 4 Prices Announced

July 1, 2013 — California’s June 4b cheese milk price was announced today by the California Department of Food and Agriculture at $15.91 per hundredweight, down $1.29 from May but $1.26 above June 2012. That put the 2013 4b average at $16.05, up from $13.83 at this time a year ago and compares to $15.67 in 2011. 

The June 4a butter-powder milk price is $18.39, up 15 cents from May but $5.22 above a year ago. The 4a average now stands at $17.94, up from $14.73 a year ago and compares to $18.94 in 2011.  

The June 4a and 4b prices do not include the temporary price increases resulting from the May 20 public hearing because they only become effective on milk  delivered on or after July 1, 2013 and continue through December 31, 2013. June Federal order prices are announced on Wednesday, July 3.

Courtesy the Mielke Market Weekly


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