Got Mielke? We Do

July 19, 2013 — DairyLine founder Lee Mielke returned to the airwaves Friday in his new role as DairyBusiness Update associate editor. Mielke will also be a contributor to the DairyLine Radio program every Friday.

“Glad to be back on DairyLine and come out of my “semi retirement,” Mielke said. “I’ve known many a dairy farmer who “retired” and maybe even moved to the city but they still make a daily trip to the dairy so, as the saying goes, “You can take the farmer out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the farmer.”

“I’ve kept my foot in the “dairy door” by continuing to write my column, the Mielke Market Weekly, which is carried in 13 papers across the country, but I also set up and service aquariums and I do odd jobs painting and yard care, so I keep busy, out of trouble and off the streets.”

Getting down to business, Mielke reported that we’ve seen some strength in the cash dairy markets again this week, driven for the most part by hot temperatures in some key dairy regions.  That heat affects milk production volumes as well as component levels, meaning the yield per cwt of milk. That’s very important to farmers and processors, of course.

“The Midwest is under a heat advisory, it’s been hot in California and Arizona, it got pretty hot again this week here in the Pacific Northwest,” he reported.

He also weighed in on the status of the Farm Bill and the issue of supply management,  Finally, Bill, some comment on the Farm Bill, which Chris Galen talked about yesterday. I’ve been in this dairy business for many years and the concept of supply management has surfaced many times but never saw the light of day.

To National Milk’s credit, this is probably the closest we’ve come to a permanent supply management provision in Federal dairy policy, but it remains to be seen whether the 2013 Farm Bill will have that in the Dairy Title.

I’m reminded often of an older dairy farmer, who was mentor for me when I was first starting out in this dairy business. He would often say to me, “Lee, every dairy farmer is for supply management…..for his neighbor.”

There’s good argument on both sides of this issue and we try to keep our listeners and readers informed on them and encourage them to make their voice known to their elected representatives.

Listen to Friday’s Radio Program


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