The Anticipation of the Name

REALsealJuly 25, 2013 — Would George Alexander Louis be a good name for the new REAL Seal cartoon character? I think the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) is looking for something more original, since that name has already been taken by someone across the pond.

NMPF is now managing the REAL Seal program, which has been around for 30 years. “It was quite active the last time we had a royal baby in the form of Prince William,” NMPF’s Chris Galen said. “Now we have a new offspring…in the form of an animated version of REAL Seal.”

In its ongoing effort to revitalize and build awareness of the dairy industry’s iconic REAL Seal, NMPF is introducing a cartoon character modeled after the logo. In a campaign to name the character, NMPF is accepting entries through the REAL Seal ( website by August 31st. The top three names will be posted on the REAL Seal Facebook page ( in September for voting.

“This is a way of generating interest in the REAL Seal, which is an American program for American made dairy products,” Galen said. “We think that using social media and things like the REAL Seal website naming contest are the right way to engage with consumers who are interested in where there food comes from.

Galen emphasized it’s important that consumers understand that the REAL Seal makes certain that only real dairy ingredients are in their foods, and American made, “which is definitely not what Kate and William’s kid will be.”

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