Weekly Dairy Market Recap

September 27, 2013 — The cash cheese market slide paused for the weekend, according to DairyBusiness Update associate Editor Lee Mielke. The block price, on  3 sales all at yesterday’s closing cmeprice of $1.75/lb., remained unchanged this morning, following yesterday’s 2¢ drop. That’s down 4 .5¢ on the week and 32.5¢ below a year ago when they were trading at $2.0750/lb. The barrels held at $1.72/lb. today, down 4.75¢ on the week, and 31.5¢ below a year ago. 1 uncovered offer this morning at $1.72/lb. was left on the board. Twelve cars of block traded hands on the week and nine of barrel.

Butter was unchanged as well, holding at $1.61/lb., up 1¢ on the week but 34¢ below a year ago when the spot price stood at $1.95/lb. Five carloads were sold this morning, all at $1.61/lb., and 28 cars found new homes on the week. Three more cars were offered this morning at $1.61/lb. but the buyers had left for the weekend.

Grade A nonfat dry milk, on 1 sale, gained back 1 cent this morning after losing 2.5¢ yesterday, and is back up to $1.83/lb. Two bids at $1.83/lb. went unfilled. Extra Grade remained at $1.78/lb. with no activity.

Friday’s market closing prices: Butter: unchanged, at $1.61/lb. Cheddar blocks: unchanged, at $1.75/lb. Cheddar barrels: unchanged, at $1.72/lb. Grade A nonfat dry milk: up 1¢, to $1.83/lb. Extra Grade nonfat dry milk: unchanged, at $1.78/lb.

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