September Milk Production Up 1.1 Percent

November 1,2013 — September milk production in the top 23 states totaled 14.8 billion lbs., up 1.1% from September 2012, according to preliminary data in USDA’s latest Milk Production report USDAissued this afternoon. This is the first report to again include milk cow numbers and output per cow since the Sequester.

Output in the 50 states totaled 15.8 billion lbs., up 1% from a year ago. Revisions lowered the original August total to 15.7 billion lbs., up 2.5% from August 2012.

The July to September quarter output amounted to 49.4 billion lbs., up 1.5% from a year ago. the average number of milk cows during the quarter was 9.23 million head, up 16,000 from the same period last year.

September cow numbers totaled 8.51 million head, down 19,000 from August but 33,000 more than a year ago. Output per cow averaged 1,741 lbs., up 12 lbs. from a year ago.

California output was up just 0.4%. Cow numbers were up 1,000 head and output per cow was up 5 lbs. Wisconsin saw a 1% increase, thanks to a 15 lb. per cow gain and 1,000 more cows being milked.

Idaho was down 1.5% on 9,000 fewer cows. New York saw a 1.8% increase, thanks to a 30 lb. gain per cow. Pennsylvania was up 1.5% on a 25 lb. gain per cow, though cow numbers were down 1,000. Minnesota was unchanged in milk output, cow numbers, and output per cow.

The biggest increase was seen in Florida, up 7.1%, followed by Kansas at 5.9%, and Iowa at 5.5%. Idaho recorded the biggest loss, followed by New Mexico, off 1.4%, and Missouri, off 1%.

Michigan was up 3.4% on a 30 lb. gain per cow and 7,000 more cows. Texas was up 1.4% despite a 5lb. loss per cow but cow numbers were up 7,000 head. Washington State was up 1.6% on 4,000 more cows. Output per cow was unchanged from a year ago.

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